About Colle

Colle is a collection of Java and XML tools that greatly simplify web applications. Colle is the french word for glue. As a side note, a good portion of the work has been done in France and several members of the Colle team are french.

Colle is the glue of a properly designed web application. It is written on several popular technologies of the Java and XML world. For instance, Colle uses the Servlet API, Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) and XSLT for a presentation system.

There are four basic systems in Colle:

Data abstraction system (Colle-SQL): provides as simple but powerful abstraction of a relational database system. The data abstraction system uses JDBC to remove dependancies on specific RDBMSs. It currently supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. [read more...]

EJB system (Colle-Mid): provides a simple middleware abstraction model that limits dependancy on middleware systems such as J2EE and simplifies day-to-day middleware development.

Presentation system (Colle-Web): programatically gathers XML data from disparate sources and presents it to the user.

Web forms (Colle-Forms): provides a simple form authoring tool for web (HTML) forms. Web forms also have validation and presentation services.